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Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa’s 7 Ways to Discover Dubai Through Good Food in Bur Dubai

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Arabian Courtyard Hotel & Spa’s 7 Ways to Discover Dubai Through Good Food

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7 Ways to Discover Dubai Through Good Food

April 22 2019
Discover Dubai

Dubai is known across the globe as the city of luxury. It is one of the few cities in the world where you can indulge in nearly any kind of extravagance you can think of: relaxing on a white sand beach with clear, azure water; living like a royal at one of the opulent five-star hotels; skiing in the middle of summer, and hiring a helicopter to explore Dubai’s majestic skyline.

As one of the most multicultural cities in the world, it is also a great place to explore various cuisines and dining experiences. With numerous superb restaurants in Dubai to choose from, you can satisfy any kind of craving you have. Whether it’s fine dining or fast casual, Arab, Indian, Asian, or Mediterranean cuisine, you won’t be disappointed by the variety of gustatory options you will find here.

Exploring Dubai’s Food Scene

If you want to know more about the luxurious, multicultural city that is Dubai, you won’t go wrong with exploring the local food scene.

Start by trying out these cuisines that offer different gastronomic experiences that range from elevated or refined to more casual, laidback dining:

1. Arab and Emirati

One of the best ways to learn about the history and culture of Dubai is to explore its food. Thankfully, this city has a number of restaurants that offer amazing traditional and contemporary Arab and Emirati food.

By eating at a restaurant that offers Arab and Emirati cuisine, you will get a good idea of what sets Dubai’s culinary scene apart. Moreover, it is a great way to introduce your palate to the unique and exciting fares of Arab cuisine.

Some of the Arab and Emirati dishes you have to try are:

  • Khameer

  • Balaleet

  • Dajal mashwi

  • Chebab pancake

  • Kibbeh bel laban

  • Kebabs

  • Camel steak and burger

2. Egyptian

Dig deeper into authentic Arab cuisine by indulging in some of the best Egyptian food in Dubai.

There are several restaurants that serve traditional, contemporary, and fusion Egyptian fare in this city. Many multi-cultural dining establishments also have a variety of Egyptian dishes to choose from.

These include:

  • Baba ganoush

  • Dejaj masri

  • Kebda dejaj

  • Kibbeh maglia

  • Labneh

  • Mutable

  • Toushka

  • Reyash

  • Umm ali

3. Indian

With thousands of Indian expats in Dubai, it is only fitting that this city is home to some of the finest Indian restaurants in the world.

Treat yourself to dishes with interesting combinations of exotic spices that will tickle your palate. Whether you’re craving vegetarian or meat-based dishes, you won’t be disappointed by the menu you will find at an Indian restaurant.

Below are some excellent northwest Indian and Mughlai delicacies you should try in Dubai:

  • Bahar-e-bagiya

  • Biryani

  • Dahi Bhalla

  • Chatpati rawa

  • Karara subz roll

  • Lemongrass chicken tikka

  • Nimbu mirch tawa

  • Tandoori

  • Zafrani Badami murgh shorba

4. Asian

Aside from Indians, the majority of people living in Dubai come from different parts of Asia: Filipino, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, Thai, Nepalese, and Sri Lankan. Many of the restaurants here offer Asian cuisines and as such, you can enjoy different dishes from these countries in a single dining establishment, and even in a single meal.

If you choose the right restaurant in Dubai, you can satisfy your craving for various highly sought-after Asian dishes which include:

  • Crispy duck

  • Chicken Manchurian

  • Glass noodle soup

  • Seafood manchow

  • Hot and sour soup

  • Kung pao chicken and prawns

  • Mee goreng

  • Nasi goring

  • Szechuan fish

  • Vegetable manchow

  • Vegetable hakka noodles

5. Mediterranean

In case you’re looking for the warm, comforting dishes you can find in Greece, Italy, France, and Spain, you won’t be disappointed: Dubai has various restaurants specializing in Mediterranean cuisine.

The interior of the restaurants will immediately remind you of your favorite Mediterranean country. And once you get the first bite of your chosen dish, you will be transported to that country, too.

Some of the excellent Mediterranean dishes you can enjoy here are:

  • Greek salad

  • Couscous mergez

  • Koshari

  • Laham moussaka

  • Seafood tagine

  • Samak makhli

  • Mediterranean beef stew

6. American

To satisfy your craving for the ultimate comfort food, head to a nearby American restaurant. From well-known global food chains and steakhouses to diners, you will find all dishes served here not only appetizing, but filling as well.

Here are some of the must-try dishes you will find at restaurants offering American fare:

  • Cheeseburger

  • Club sandwich

  • Buffalo chicken wings

  • Chicken fingers

  • Cheese chili toast

  • Steaks

  • Apple pie

  • Sundaes and parfaits

7. British

Lastly, if you’re hankering for a more filling lunch or dinner, head to a restaurant offering British fare. Dubai is also home to a number of British pubs where you can enjoy your favorite alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks as you dig into your meal.

And while enjoying your meal and drink, you can watch the latest football game on a large flat-screen TV.

Some of the best British dishes you will find here are:

  • Fish and chips

  • Irish lamb stew

  • Lamb chops

  • Seafood chowder

  • Cottage pie

  • Steak and kidney pie

  • Shepherd’s pie

  • Reuben rolls

  • Curry

To ensure you won’t have to travel far to enjoy Dubai’s finest foods, when finalizing your online hotel booking in Dubai, check if your chosen hotel has a number of in-house restaurants. By doing so, you can quickly and easily satisfy your culinary cravings and start your culinary journey into the Dubai food scene.

Learn more about our world-class in-house dining establishments and cafes by visiting our Restaurants page.


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